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[Research Spotlight] Plant Data and Connectivity: Strategic Building Blocks for Industrial Transformation

Project success and ROI – that’s what a significant percentage of companies reports about their Industrial Transformation (IX) initiative.  Our most recent survey data also shows that some companies are accelerating their IX initiatives.

Many of the more successful companies report similar program elements including investing in plant data connectivity as a critical strategic first step to implement the IX programs. Additionally, these companies have moved towards IT/operations technology (IT/OT) convergence rapidly, as recent tech innovations and industry activities have made convergence an absolute necessity for transformation initiatives. Industrial organizations engaging in IT/OT convergence are supported by IT and OT vendors partnering with each other (or in some cases merging with or investing in each other) to provide end-to-end factory transformation solutions for manufacturers.

Read this report to learn why manufacturers must establish connectivity using a holistic, integrated data model, and a robust IT/OT architecture. Every company should focus future connectivity projects on use cases for both IT and OT organizations, not just on OT connectivity, with the understanding that a converged data model is a significant enabler of Industrial Transformation initiatives including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Author Name: Patrick Fetterman, Research Analyst
Date: Aug 6, 2019

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