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Who We Are
We are a membership-based research and advisory firm focused on driving Industrial Transformation success for our clients.

Our Vision & Mission
  • The LNS Research Mission:  Evangelize and drive Industrial Transformation (IX).

Our Values

We are a mission-driven organization that demonstrates, through actions, our core values of: Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Customer-centric Growth.

Values Quadrant

Research Integrity & Transparency

All of the research we publish is independent of influence by third parties and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of research integrity in the industry.
Confidential Client Information
All of our clients operate under a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with LNS Research. Through our member engagements, we receive, engage with, and hold in the strictest confidence proprietary, confidential, and/or sensitive client information.

Any client information shared publicly or privately by LNS Research is either already publicly available or done so with expressed written consent.

Survey Data
Our surveys are conducted online, and participants come from both the LNS Research community and multiple third-party panel companies. We screen all survey participants for knowledge and accurate answers, disqualifying approximately two-thirds of all completed surveys. We translate our surveys into German, French, and Simplified Chinese, and balance responses for relatively equal representation across major geography, company size, and industry demographics.

Vendor Influence

Vendors that sponsor our events, license our content for distribution, or subscribe to our advisory services are not provided special privileges. Unlike many of our competitors, these companies do not “recommend” research topics, do not make “suggestions to improve” research, and do not “pay to play.”

Vendor Coverage
Vendor coverage is initiated solely at the discretion of our analysts. The data sources for this research includes a robust combination of LNS Research survey data, our members' experiences, vendor briefings, user reference calls, and industry or vendor user conferences. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use publicly available vendor content as sources for our research.

To ensure that our analysts are as un-biased as possible, we:

  • Maintain a robust internal peer-review and vendor fact-check process.
  • Publish the full list of current and past clients.
  • Ensure that in all coverage areas there are multiple competing vendors as clients.
  • Limit the spend of any single vendor covered to a minimum share of overall firm revenue.
  • Never tie analyst compensation to a covered vendor’s spend.
  • Limit vendor reimbursements to ordinary and necessary travel-related expenses.

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