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[WEBCAST] LNS Research Analyst Peter Bussey on EHS 4.0

Dates: 09 Nov, 2017

Rapid change and greater complexity in the global business environment create risks that are difficult to manage. They demand new approaches to EHS management. The EHS 4.0 framework by LNS Research is a holistic approach to meet the risks and demands of the modern era head-on. During this webcast, viewers will learn how changes in the business environment demand new approaches to EHS management, the key capabilities required for modern EHS management, how innovative companies are using EHS 4.0 technologies such as Cloud, mobile, Big Data and smart devices to take performance to the next level, and what EHS business leaders can do to seize the opportunity and deliver more value to the business.

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Research Feature

Emerging Use Cases | Make the IIoT and Digital Transformation a Reality | Six Questions You Didn't Know to Ask [eBook]

In this free eBook, "Make the IIoT and Digital Transformation a Reality: Six Questions You Didn't Know to Ask," LNS Research examines six use cases with concrete examples and specific benefits companies have derived by implementing IIoT technologies.  Read it to help your company move away from buying on faith to investing based on proven results.

Read the eBook to learn about these use cases:

  • Redefining Critical Assets - Pumps, Valves, and Motors
  • A New Approach to Clean-in-Place Systems
  • Creative Use of Social, Geo-spatial, and Asset Data
  • Managing Recipe Variation
  • Safety - Machines, Processes, and Workers
  • Smart Products and Disrupting Quality Testing

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