Mehul Shah

Mehul Shah

Senior Associate

Mehul Shah is a Senior Associate at LNS Research. He has spent the last decade helping senior industrial executives to effectively manage their operational and business performance across the value chain.

In his current role, Mehul leads LNS Research’s Global Executive Council (GEC) which has l quality and manufacturing leaders across global companies such as Harley Davidson, Whirlpool, Corbin Lockheed Martin etc.  He is responsible for driving the agenda of the executive council and working with these leaders to benchmark their organization and provide actionable recommendation from a people, process and technology perspective.

Mehul also has done a lot of work with global organizations around understanding organization structure and how to build a culture of collaboration.  Mehul recognizes the business value of investing in software solutions, and is a known industry speaker on the topics of Enterprise Quality Management, Operational Excellence, Sustainability, and Asset Performance Management.

Before joining LNS Research, Mehul spent six years working at the Aberdeen Group as a Research Analyst. Mehul’s responsibilities at Aberdeen included creating thought leadership content for executives to leverage within their operational and financial objectives.

He graduated from the University of Mumbai with an engineering degree, and the University of Massachusetts Boston with an MBA in Finance and International Management.

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