Strategy Workshops 

Enhance the value of internal strategy sessions by allowing LNS Research analysts to help your team better understand how Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence, and the IIoT are impacting our world. Whether the meeting is to discuss collaboration across functional groups, how your company compares in key performance indicators, or to establish a strategic road map to improve competitiveness, LNS Research can help. 

We provide insights, data, and analyses into specific business processes and technologies that can help your organization achieve operational and financial goals. Clients can utilize the services of LNS Research through half day or full day intelligence workshops, giving your executives direct access to the experience and insight of LNS Research analysts, along with the backing of the LNS Research Library and Benchmark Data Portal. These sessions can be conducted through virtual or face-to-face meetings, making LNS Research an extension of your team.


  • Senior Managers
  • Corporate Strategists
  • Line of Business Executives
  • Information Technology (IT) Executives
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Leaders


  • Compare your performance to the rest of the industry to better understand where you stand
  • Gain an understanding of the top trends impacting businesses today
  • Review current state and internal business processes to pinpoint gaps in operations
  • Get insights into the top metrics measured by your peers and how these metrics are measured
  • Quantify the value of investing in new business processes or emerging technologies
  • Examine your current Information Technology architecture and steps for improvement
  • Get an actionable recommendation to move from the current state to the desired state

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