Global Executive Councils

Industry executives understand that competitiveness relies on the ability to remain dynamic and innovative in today's fast-paced markets. LNS Research's Global Executive Councils (GEC) keep organizational leaders abreast of key industry trends and best practices like Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence through access to research, industry experts, and peers through a forum that fosters discussion in the latest developments of technology, business process excellence, and leadership. The councils exists to provide thought-provoking research, insight, and networking opportunities with other top executives.

Executives also benefit from access to the interactive benchmark data portal as well as annual access to the LNS Research analyst team. Analyst time can be used for:
  • Digital Transformation and IIoT Definition and Strategy
  • Technology strategy and software selection
  • Establishing metrics programs and metric benchmarking
  • Coordinated discussions with other council member experienced in addressing common challenges
With these tools, GEC members become armed agents of change that can be leaders in business transformation. The councils are open to executives responsible for quality, manufacturing, operations, and sustainability in their organizations.

What you get as a GEC Member:
  • Network with peer executives that have proven success
  • Corporate access to the LNS Research library
  • Corporate access to interactive benchmark data data portal
  • Be highlighted as a thought leader in LNS publications
  • One hour inquiry time per quarter with LNS analyst team
  • Attend quarterly exclusive council webcasts with industry thought leaders
  • Opportunity to recommend research topics

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