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Slides: Closed-Loop Quality Management in the Consumer Products Industry

Closed Look Quality ManagementConsumer products companies face one of the most innovative and challenging industries today. With so many options available, the pressures to continuously deliver competitively priced, high quality products are compounded with a list of other market challenges. To overcome these challenges, leading companies are employing operational excellence models with a focus on closed loop quality management systems. 

This report touches on the following areas:  

  • Overview of the CP industry
  • Analysis of the market’s challenges
  • Intersecting IT and process for a closed loop approach to quality management
  • Building a model of operational excellence around quality management
  • A drill down on EQMS functionalities for the CP industry

By integrating quality management across people, processes, and technology, consumer product companies can overcome the challenges of today’s dynamic market. This Research Spotlight provides executives with the needed insight to build their own models of operational excellence.

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Sep 6, 2012

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