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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] SAS 2019 Analyst Conference: Proven and Reliable Leader in a Big-Hype, Accelerating Market

In February, 2019, LNS Research attended the annual SAS North America analyst conference in Naples, Florida … Inside Intelligence 2019.  Several LNS manufacturing clients use SAS analytics solutions, often to generate more in-depth insights about quality.  Therefore, this event was an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into the vendor’s Internet of Things (IoT) and quality solutions, understand the breadth of SAS outside the industrial space, and to spend some quality time with the executive team to understand the firm’s direction and perspectives.  This vendor report examines:

  • SAS offerings in context of the company's history and where it's headed
  • The vendor's core strategies and themes
  • Highlights of case studies and customers the vendor highlighted during the event
  • Takeaways for the industrial organization to consider
  • Recommendations for industrial companies
Author Name: Dan Jacob, Practice Director and Principal Analyst
Date: Mar 12, 2019

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