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[RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT] Connected EHSQ Strategy: Breaking Down Silos to Advance Operational Performance

Organizational alignment is a fundamental challenge that business and operations leaders face today. Without it, the enterprise risks the inefficiencies and performance shortfalls that come from duplication of effort, poor communication, and people working at cross purposes. The results of surveys conducted by LNS Research across industrial organizations show that the main challenges to operational performance improvement are lack of cross-functional collaboration, and disparate systems and data sources. We see identical results in surveys that specifically focus on quality and EHS business leaders.

Effective EHS and quality management are critical components of an organization's ability to achieve operational excellence. In this report, we'll explore:

  • The potential value of an integrated approach to EHSQ management
  • Incorporating aligned EHSQ management into Operational Excellence initiatives
  • Recommendations for effective business integration
Author Name: Peter Bussey
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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