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[MEMBER EXCLUSIVE] LNS Research Quarterly Update December 2018

LNS Research held this client-exclusive quarterly update to share recent quarter highlights and findings, insights from executive roundtables, and topics that are imperative among manufacturers right now.

This update, the analysts discussed the 2019 LNS research agenda, including:

Industrial Transformation Framework
HIGHLIGHTS | The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of our new Industrial Transformation Framework

Solution Selection Guides
UPCOMING | Solution Selection Guides for IIoT, Industrial Analytics, and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform
HIGHLIGHTS | Digital Readiness survey
UPCOMING | Industrial Transformation program metrics, successes and challenges

Industrial Analytics
HIGHLIGHTS | Mid-size manufacturers move from metrics to analytics
UPCOMING | Artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML) in Industrial Transformation

Factory of the Future
HIGHLIGHTS | 75% of companies have or plan a Digital Twin initiative.  Companies using product lifecycle management (PLM) and the IIoT show more enthusiasm for Digital Twin technologies.
UPCOMING | Decentralizing Industrial Transformation

Asset Performance Management (APM) 4.0
UPCOMING | Plant Digital Twin

Connected Worker
UPCOMING | Digitally connected worker to reduce risk and drive plant productivity

HIGHLIGHTS | Market maturity in Quality 4.0 is increasing.  Roughly 14% of companies have started the Quality 4.0 journey, and a rapidly increasing number of firms are learning how to best scale Quality 4.0 by looking to adopt and scale repeatable use cases
UPCOMING | Quality 4.0 tech selection best practices; use cases in pharma and med device; use case ladder

Life Sciences and Regulatory Compliance
UPCOMING | Compliance as a competitive differentiator

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
HIGHLIGHTS | Connected EHSQ improves risk management and reduces risk; the median company with integrated EHSQ had 87% more capabilities to drive clear communication and shared technology to reduce rework, drive higher adoption, and accelerate adoption of new capabilities.
UPCOMING | Future-proofing the EHS management system

Author Name: LNS Research Team
Date: Dec 7, 2018

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