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Slides: Managing the Complex Supply-Chain Ecosystem

supplier quality managementAligning internal and external resources is important for improving business performance. As this is directly related to the expansion and evolution of the global supplier network, managing supply-chain complexity is a topic that greatly impacts most large organizations today. This presentation was given by LNS Research's President and Principal Analyst, Matthew Littlefield, in a webcast and it aims to educate executives and plant managers on the following areas:

  • Supply-chain complexity
  • Building a model for Operational Excellence
  • Enterprise Quality Management Software
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Recommendations for managing quality in the supply chain
LNS Research believes that mixing strategic objectives, both financial and operational, with the right set of people, processes, and technology is key for operational excellence. This presentation gives executives and plant managers a perspective on how to account for quality in these strategies.

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield
Date: Feb 25, 2012

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