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IT Leaders’ Role in EQMS Selection: Addressing the Needs of Quality Management Leaders

Managing end-to-end quality is a main focus for many organizations, and having a single platform manage quality is valuable to any quality professional. The quality professional may know the specific demands of an Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), but the IT leader is not always as privileged.

While successfully managing a Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) is of the utmost importance, IT must play a crucial role in the process of solution selection and rolling out the software. It is imperative that communication, understanding, and collaboration is achieved between the business leaders and IT team to ensure the depth of functionality and interoperability is clear across the board.

This Research Spotlight hones in how IT leaders and business leaders can strengthen the essential relationship and meet cost, data, integration, security goals effectively, etc. of a successful EQMS deployment. 
Author Name: Mattew Littlefield, Rob Harrison
Date: Apr 12, 2016

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