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Improving Quality Costs by Improving Quality Processes [Executive Case Study]

How do senior leaders responsible for quality prioritize what is most important for achieving upcoming performance targets and also for improving performance in the future? More and more executives are asking themselves this question as they are increasingly pressured to manufacture high quality products at the lowest cost possible.

For Jd Marhevko, Vice President of Quality and Lean Systems at Accuride Corporation, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle components, the answer entails high-level metrics and process controls. In an interview with LNS Research in January 2014, Marhevko shared her thoughts on a variety of quality management topics as well as Accuride’s strategy driving down quality-related costs. Concepts discussed in this interview include:
  • The concept of lagging and leading performance indicators for quality management
  • How to effectively measure Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  • Tools needed to measure CoQ
  • Key takeaways from Jd's CoQ journey

Author Name: Mike Roberts, Marketing Analyst, LNS Research
Date: Mar 6, 2014

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