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Implementing Global Quality Systems and Processes at Sigma-Aldrich

global quality footprintWhile improving quality through increased standardization and visibility is an end goal for many business executives, the path to achieving this result is highly dependent on the unique DNA of each organization. A company's size, geographic footprint, industry, and product line are just some of the many factors that will ultimately determine an organization's approach to quality.

In this Executive Case Study, LNS Research spoke with Jim Sarafin, Director of Quality Control at Sigma-Aldrich, a global life sciences company, about the specific needs and challenges his company faced in implementing enterprise quality management software (EQMS).
Specifically, LNS examines:

  • Real-time inventory management and data capabilities
  • Automatically linked customer information and complaint visibility
  • The importance of having a preconceived idea of what IT architecture will look like
  • Developing culture and processes that support IT architecture

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Greg Goodwin
Date: Jul 29, 2013

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