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Executive's Guide to Industrial Enterprise Software Selection and Business Case Development [Research Spotlight]

enterprise software selectionRegardless of function, there is probably a class of enterprise software on the wish list of most industrial professionals these days. The potential gains in actionable data, communication, decision making, and performance visibility can be positively game changing. Of course this beneficial outcome rests on the assumptions that the correct combination of software, integration partner/strategy, and roll-out method are employed.

And this can be a big 'If.' In this Research Spotlight, LNS Research explores the different types of enterprise software available for manufacturers today, as well as the proper steps for effectively measuring current performance and abilities to build a business case for a future implementation. Specifically, the report details:

  • The various classes of enterprise software and how each benefits the organization holistically
  • The four key steps to building a business case for software implementation
  • The most important considerations when evaluating potential solution providers and integrators
  • Recommended actions



Author Name: Mark Davidson, Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts, Greg Goodwin
Date: Jan 20, 2015

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