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Enabling Supplier Quality Management: Leadership Strategies for Building Collaborative Relationships

Organizations across all industries, including life sciences, face quality management challenges. Many of the quality management obstacles arise from the increasing regulatory compliance measures, and the industry competition that drives quality performance and reduced costs. Addendum to the quality management challenges, life science organizations must face the pressures of achieving innovation and improved efficiency goals. 

LNS Research explores life science organizations that have proven to be trailblazers in supplier quality management led by proactive leadership and supported by technology. This Research Spotlight covers specifics, such as:
  • The importance of transforming the perception of suppliers from vendors to partners in forging successful relationships.
  • The definition of supplier quality manager and the growing role it plays in overall Enterprise Quality Management and -by extension- Operational Excellence
  • How supplier quality management capabilities correlate to key performance measurements like supplier defect rate
  • Recommended Actions
Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Rob Harrison, Greg Goodwin
Date: Oct 16, 2015

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