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Cloud ERP: Measurable Results in Electronics Manufacturing

electronics manufacturing metricsExecutives in the electronics industry may have the most significant challenges with the need to consistently deliver new and high quality products at low costs. Accounting for the globally distributive nature of the electronics industry, in terms of suppliers and manufacturing facilities, Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is proving to be a strong platform on which companies are building these models of operational excellence.

By streamlining workflows and integrating system of record information, Cloud ERP helps to improve upon important quality and operational metrics, promoting continuous improvement in electronics manufacturing.

In this Research Spotlight, we will examine the following:

  • Electronics Industry Overview
  • Cloud ERP in Electronics Manufacturing
  • Functional Aspects of Cloud ERP
  • Metrics and Operational Excellence
  • Actionable Recommendations

Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Sep 11, 2012

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