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Centralization Vs. Decentralization: The Structure of Quality at Bostik, Inc. [Executive Q&A]

Quality is one of those rare areas of business that impacts every aspect of a firm’s operations. From procurement and engineering all the way through manufacturing and on to the customer experience, quality is often one of the most critical factors in determining success and creating a competitive advantage.

In this Executive Case Study, LNS Research will highlight how Bostik Inc., a leading global adhesive’s company, integrates quality into the overall management system and corporate structure. LNS asked for insight on the following questions:

  • How is the quality group organized in Bostik?
  • Why are supply chain and quality so integrated?
  • What would you recommend to other executives who are trying to understand best practices around organizing their quality groups?

Author Name: Mikes Roberts, Mehul Shah
Date: Apr 18, 2013

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