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[Recording] Moving to a Zero Incident Rate with a Comprehensive EHS Program

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) as a discipline of overall enterprise performance management has long been a reactive concern in nature, preoccupied with the negative impacts of adverse events. Increasingly, however, market leaders are viewing streamlined, effective EHS management as an opportunity to boost bottom line performance and drive value across the enterprise. 

During this Global Executive Council meeting, Kenny Sandlin, VP of Health and Safety at Pace Industries, discussed how his organization was able to reduce recordable OSHA incidents and lost day cases by 62% and 82%.  

Key points include:

  • What the best-practices are when rolling out a safety system to multiple business units
  • Key EHS metrics that are critical for every organization
  • How to drive culture transformation to proactively manage EHS initiatives
  • How to improve user adoption when implementing safety software
Author Name: Mehul Shah, Peter Bussey, Kenny Sandlin
Date: Mar 24, 2016

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