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[Recording] Lexmark International's Next-Generation Manufacturing Technology Journey

According to the most recent research, 24% of manufacturers have implemented MOM/MES software, with another 21% planning to implement in the next year. This is far from a simple task.

In this LNS Research Global Executive Council meeting, Ulises Irigoyen, Worldwide Manufacturing Systems Director at Lexmark International, joined LNS to discuss benchmark research and his organization's journey and experience in selecting and rolling out a global MES implementation. 

Specifically, key points are:

  • Effectively scoping an MES project
  • Devising a global requirement analysis
  • Considerations for current enterprise infrastructure and how MES fits
  • Implementation team, process, and integration points

Author Name: Mehul Shah, Andrew Hughes, Ulises Irigoyen
Date: Jul 30, 2015

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