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[Recording] Learn How to Build a World Class Supplier Quality Management Program

Increases in outsourcing, globalization, and product complexity are three long term market drivers that have escalated the importance of Supplier Quality Management (SQM). Depending upon the industry and product, suppliers can provide 80% or more of the final product content; making them a major contributor to a product’s assembled quality.

According to current LNS Research data, 35% of respondents identify SQM as one of the quality processes most critical to their company’s success. That's why we welcomed Michael Bennett, GSM Systems Analyst from Nexteer Automotive, and LNS Research Analyst, Dan Jacob to our exclusive Global Executive Council meeting to expand on the importance of SQM and laying groundwork to address the critical set of quality processes.

Key take aways include:


  • SQM benchmark data from nearly 500 quality executives
  • Learn how to build a vision and roadmap for Supplier Management
  • Discover how a single platform for supplier management can impact company culture, affect user adoption, and other benefits
  • Gain insight about the RFI process for platform selection
  • Lessons learned by Nexteer Automotive
Author Name: Mehul Shah, Dan Jacob, and Michael Bennett
Date: Mar 24, 2016

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