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[Recording] How to Drive Operational Excellence and Overcome Asset Performance Management Challenges

Our benchmark research from 250+ global manufacturing and asset intensive industry executives shows the top challenge that organizations face is how to break down silos of organizations and departments and foster greater collaboration.

This Global Executive Council meeting welcomes Nikolaus Depsain, the Director of Maintenance at Leprino Foods. During this meeting, he tells the story of how he addressed senior level professionals and led a fully engaged team of Asset Performance Management Professionals to Operational Excellence, and overcame APM challenges that hindered success. 

Key points of methodologies and actions will include:

  • Strategies to educate the senior leadership on the tangible value of effective maintenance programs
  • Where and how to effectively leverage tools such as RTF, Inspections, PM, PdM, CBM, etc. to drive maximum results
  • The roles of technology that play in effective managing asset maintenance and reliability programs
  • How to change the positioning of maintenance group from a cost center to a value center
Author Name: Mehul Shah, Dan Miklovic, and Nikolaus Despain
Date: Mar 23, 2016

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