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[RECORDING] Harmonizing Global CAPA Processes

During this Executive Council meeting, the LNS team will share research on how world class organizations are managing CAPA processes.  Two thought leaders, Keith Price and Jackie Torfin, shared their experiences on how CAPA fits into the process of managing quality from an end-to-end perspective as well as how organizations are streaming their global CAPA efforts.

More specifically, the following was discussed in the meeting:

  • Best Practice for Managing End-to-End Quality
  • CAPA Management in a Global Organization
    • Potential Issues
      • Volume of events
      • Focus for management
    • Difference Between a Nonconformance Event and CAPA
      • Decision rationale
      • Escalation criteria
      • How a company’s current state of software systems can inform/influence design
      • Example of complaint trending vs. CAPA
    • CAPA Management
      • Common QMS
      • Risk-based approach
      • Resources and time
Author Name: LNS Research
Date: Dec 9, 2014

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