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[RECORDING] Driving Lean & Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

Organizations have been adopting Lean for a very long time now. Executives who are currently going through a Lean transformation will confirm how difficult it is to ensure success. They'll also tell you that success is largely dependent on the ability to attain buy-in from senior leadership and develop a culture that supports the transformation.

This manufacturing-focused GEC meeting focused on the topic of lean transformation. Those in attendance learned from two thought leaders: Eric Pope, VP of Operations at tier 1 oil & gas supplier and Shingo Prize-winning US Synthetic and John Biedry, Director of Global Lean Enterprise at Nike.

Nike 2.0: Learn how to Implement Next Generation Lean Manufacturing Processes

  • How Nike detected opportunities for growth and reimagined its Lean strategy to meet growing demand
  • The steps involved in implementing next-generation Lean processes and how can you align your capability to achieve them
  • Just do it--The role technology plays in executing your strategy 
  • How Nike is thinking differently about the next 5-10 years in global manufacturing

The Role of Leadership in Driving the Success of Lean Initiatives from a Shingo Prize Winner

Eric discussed these areas below that were critical in driving transformation in his organization:

  • How leadership systems impact the shop floor
  • How to define your true objectives, and a plan to communicate those goals to your team effectively
  • How to apply Critical OutPuts Analysis (COPA) to set performance targets and timelines for the creation and sustainment of a continuous improvement culture
  • How to identify what you need in terms of tools and culture change to achieve your objectives
  • Moving beyond tools and tactics to win hearts and minds through culture change
  • New ways to motivate and empower a workforce to achieve positive outcomes
  • An overview of US Synthetic’s experiences
Author Name: LNS Research, Nike, US Synthetic
Date: Oct 7, 2014

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