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[Recording] A Corporate Quality Team's Guide to Building an Effective Quality Management Culture

Building an effective quality management culture is a tough prospect. The size, industry, and management style all add layers of complexity to developing a quality protocol that will be adopted throughout an organization, fostering a collaborative and customer-centric mindset.

In this LNS Research Global Executive Council Meeting, Jim Beaulieu, Global Quality Director at Nalco Champion, and Louis Cheung, Head of Quality and Supply Chain at Bostik, joined LNS for to discuss the tools and methods they have used to build effective global quality culture within their respective organizations. In this council meeting, common road blocks to quality optimization are addressed, including:
  • Disparate quality systems and data sources
  • Quality's perception as an isolated "policing function" rather than a holistic necessity
  • A lack of communication, definition, or effective management around quality metrics


Author Name: Rob Harrison, Mehul Shah, Jim Beaulieu, Louis Cheung
Date: Jul 30, 2015

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