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[eBook] Smart Maintenance: Using APM 4.0 to Drive Better Business Results

While a majority of companies have yet to fully adopt predictive maintenance (PdM) as their maintenance strategy, those that have sometimes struggle to see a lasting positive impact on the bottom line. Maintenance organizations find that operational management views their activities as a cost center to be minimized instead of an opportunity to drive Operational Excellence.

LNS Research asset performance management (APM) 4.0 framework is a holistic approach to asset operations that balances maintenance performance with overall economic performance. It uses a combination of technologies that allow plant operations professionals to evaluate prescriptive options to decide how to best operate and maintain assets.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • APM 4.0 framework
  • Key elements of APM 4.0
  • How digital technology has changed manufacturing and asset-intensive industries
  • How does APM 4.0 enable better business performance
  • Steps to implement APM 4.0
Author Name: Dan Miklovic
Date: Sep 25, 2018

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