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[eBook] Leveraging Environment, Health, and Safety Management to Drive Business Value

EHS softwareTraditionally, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) as a discipline of overall enterprise performance management has been considered a reactive initiative to the negative impacts of adverse events.

However, today's leading EHS professionals are realizing that streamlined, effective EHS management is a prime opportunity to boost bottom-line performance in the name of driving business value. In this eBook, LNS Research explores how to effectively improve EHS performance, drawing on research data from over 250 EHS professionals to drill down into:

  • The top objectives and challenges of EHS today's EHS professionals
  • The criticality of EHS visibility across the value chain
  • Strategies for building tighter EHS culture and streamlined processes
  • Benchmark data on EHS software adoption and efficacy
  • Recommended actions for success


Author Name: Paul Leavoy, Matthew Littlefield
Date: Dec 4, 2014

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