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[eBook] Closed-Loop Quality Management: Connecting the Value Chain

closed-loop quality managementIn today's hyper-competitive business climate, many manufacturers are finding that traditional approaches to quality management are falling short. The need to improve compliance, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and meet other initiatives is necessitating a more holistic and comprehensive approach.

Today's leading companies are taking a closed-loop approach to quality--connecting quality from design and procurement up through manufacturing, distribution, and service--to better respond to the quality issues of the day. Supported by next-generation software technologies such as Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), standardized business processes, a pervasive "quality mindset," and robust performance metrics, these companies are taking their quality management capabilities to a new level.

In this eBook, LNS Research covers:

  • How the value chain should be approached in 2014
  • How to build closed-loop quality management processes
  • How to support these processes with EQMS
  • Benchmark data on the benefits of closed-loop quality management


Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Mike Roberts
Date: Jul 30, 2014

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