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[eBook] Benchmarking Your Quality Maturity: Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center

Today, leading quality organizations understand the value that can be derived from moving past the mindset of quality as a "policing function" that permeates less mature organizations to a holistic vision of quality that drives bottom-line value.

In this eBook, LNS Research explores how quality organizations can gain an understanding of where they are within their quality management maturity and, once identified, how they can progress forward to drive maximum value. Specifically, the eBook addresses:   

  • Understanding the phases of quality management maturity, from reactive to proactive
  • The role of senior leadership in shifting quality culture
  • Adoption rates of closed-loop quality processes and Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS)
  • Industry-specific examples of quality maturity
  • Recommended actions for success


    Author Name: Matthew Littlefield, Rob Harrison, Mike Roberts
    Date: Oct 15, 2015

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