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[WEBCAST] LNS Principal Analyst Tom Comstock on Digital Readiness for Industrial Transformation: Success Lessons from Real-World Leaders

Dates: 13 Mar, 2019

Companies are going beyond standard practices in Continuous Improvement (CI) as they seek step change improvement in their industrial operations. Join our webcast “Digital Readiness for Industrial Transformation: Success Lessons from Real-World Leaders” to identify the best practices and life lessons for a successful Industrial Transformation (IX) program. The webinar is based on a global survey by LNS seeking to understand why the outcomes of IX program vary so widely. There’s a clear distinction between how the Industrial Transformation Leaders (IX Leaders) define and execute IX programs and the rest of the market, the Followers. Among the many differences, IX Leaders are 31% more likely to focus on business and 60% less likely to make “evaluating/testing IIoT and other technologies” a core strategy.
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Research Feature

UNDERSTANDING INDUSTRIAL TRANSFORMATION TODAY | Digital Readiness is the Foundation for Success [eBook]

66% of companies have implemented, are currently implementing, or plan to implement an Industrial Transformation program.

The research is compelling. Companies all over the world are going beyond Continuous Improvement to achieve step-change improvements in business through Industrial Transformation (IX) programs. With 8% of companies already reporting “dramatic results," IX is working!

So, how can your organization run a successful IX program?

Read the research report to learn:

  • The exact status of digital readiness for IX programs globally
  • How IX Leaders define and execute IX programs differently than the rest of the market, the Followers
  • What duration, technology, and organizational structure companies use to run IX programs
  • Which Industrial Transformation best practices drive program success

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