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Asset Performance Management (APM): Solution Selection Guide

The Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution Selection Guide gives an in-depth look at 20 APM solution providers as well as comparison charts so users can easily see:

  • Which suppliers serve their industry, geography, and business size
  • The licensing options each supplier offers
  • Which types of interfaces each supplier supports
  • What functionality each supplier can deliver

The various types of vendors covered in the guide include:

  • Automation companies
  • EAM and enterprise software suppliers
  • MRO Inventory Optimization solution providers
  • Specialist APM solution providers that focus on asset strategy and CBM/RCM

    In addition, this 107-page guide includes detailed information on each of the covered vendors and discusses the strengths and opportunities they have in the APM market. It also looks at vendors' capabilities in light of the emerging Smart Connected Assets model and how well each is positioned to support emerging APM technology trends such as Mobility, IIoT, Cloud, and Big Data.

    Author Name: Dan Miklovic
    Date: Nov 23, 2015

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