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[Slides] Smart Manufacturing Roundtable 2016 | Alcoa | Automation & Smart Manufacturing

These slides were presented at the 2016 Smart Manufacturing Roundtable on  the topic of the MES journey.

Alcoa is an American public company best known for its work with lightweight metals and advanced manufacturing techniques. The world's third largest producer of aluminum, the company has corporate headquarters in New York City. From its operational base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, Alcoa conducts operations in 30 countries.  

Through this presentation, Haresh G. Malkani, Manager, Manufacturing Intelligence & Automation Technologies Division, Alcoa Technical Center, highlights the following areas

  • Digitizing the manufacturing supply chain
  • What does Smart Manufacturing mean for us?
  • Core Capabilities are driving the Smart Manufacturing Initiative
  • Learnings to help refine the approach on the Smart Manufacturing journey
Author Name: Haresh G. Malkani Manager, Manufacturing Intelligence & Automation Technologies Division Alcoa Technical Center
Date: Oct 7, 2016

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