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[SLIDES] Best Practices for Aligning Corporate Quality and Operational Excellence

Different management styles, cultures, as well as business types are major driving factors for the way quality is organized within a company. Many quality leaders have been struggling to figure out an effective way to structure quality groups as well as develop leaders who can lead quality management strategy.

This Global Executive Council webcast provided quality leaders with key insights based on a success story in the industry. 

The speaker for this meeting was Louis Cheung, Head of Quality Management and Supply Chain at Bostik. Cheung shared his experiences in developing and reorganizing quality within his organization.

 Some of the questions covered include:
  • What is an effective way to structure quality groups in organizations
  • How can you build an IT architecture that supports standardization across the value chain?
  • How are market leading companies benefiting from standardizing quality processes?
  • What are the best practices for creating a culture that supports quality management initiatives?
  • What is a leader’s role in promoting a quality culture?

Author Name: LNS Research & Louis Cheung, Bostik
Date: Dec 12, 2013

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